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Shanghai Rongxuan plastic Co.,Ltd. has been adhering to the business purposes of quality-oriented, pragmatic, innovative and service integrity, focusing on the production and sales of plastic products, as well as investing cooperation factories and sales centers in Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuxi, Zhejiang, Chongqing,Chengdu and Wuhan…

The Company has more than 20 sets of injection molding machines, producing nearly 200 kinds of specifications, such as plastic pallets, , plastic crates,turnover baskets, logistics boxes, folding boxes, bins and other plastic products,which have been widely used in machinery plants, food plants, breweries,fruit market, market gardening , as well as factories, such as metal factories, garment factories, vegetable distribution centers, chemical plants, plasticplants, stationery factory, toy factory, tobacco factory, hotel, hotels, aquaculture, medicine, electronics, hypermarkets, supermarkets, sanitation, property.And other lines :the industry, logistics, warehousing necessary utensils,etc.

In addition, the company has  the capacity of independent  moulding development ;  If customers have the requirements for special specifications of  plasticproducts in a large quantity , we will provide you with the  mould free of charge,Our advantages: short production cycle, quality assurance, and fast delivery.

Rongxuan will serve the purpose of integration with products in order to make customers feel at ease, satisfaction,and rest assured. Its products  possess exquisite workmanship, high quality, good appearance and reasonable price,thus making  our products sell well all over the world, so that each product canpenetrate into every corner of life. We have been adhering to the essence of corporate cohesion, to create the concerpt  of  the perfect  brand in product development  and design .We constantly seek to create super plastic products.

We sincerely welcome new and old customers to negotiate business with us , we sincerely look forward to your kind cooperation and mutual development!


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