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Changzhou Liyang plastic tray has been shippedThe concept of use of people:
People oriented, moral integrity, moral character first, grow together and build a harmonious corporate culture. Our success depends on its employees. We respect each other and cooperate with each other sincerely.
Talents are the development and future of enterprises, and ensure that excellent talents become the first beneficiaries of enterprise development. We gather talents, train talents, respect talents, build a platform for staff through development, incentive, training and evaluation, and create broad and broad development opportunities and space for employees.
Talent spirit:
Professionalism: what we value is efficiency and the quality of work. Work quality, product quality and service quality are always the lifeline of an enterprise. To this end, we require every employee to be honest, diligent, conscientious, meticulous and perseverance in doing things and doing things.
Innovative spirit: in today's market economy society, which is full of open competition and objectively encouraging the strong, the people should be aware that innovation is the only way for our enterprise to develop.
Team spirit: we firmly believe that collective success comes from the concerted efforts and struggle of every member. Therefore, we can not do without communication, collaboration, and teamwork.
Job description
Shanghai Rong Xuan Plastic Co., Ltd. specializes in producing plastic pallets. Plastic pallets (plastic pads) are widely used in various industries, such as warehouses, logistics, stereo libraries and so on.
Salesperson: 30 age: 20-30 years old.
Education: college degree or above, marketing related experience is preferred.
Ability: have certain marketing experience, be honest, sincere, have strong psychological quality, have strong enterprising spirit and high sense of responsibility. In the work, enterprising, down to - earth, efficient completion of the work, the courage to play their own talents, strong organization, coordination, communication skills and team spirit. Familiar with sales process and basic computer operation, good at customer development and maintenance.
Treatment: the base salary + bonus + bonus 3000- does not cover the top.


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